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      Easy setup & management

      Flexible ladder rules

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  • Manage ladders from your
    iPad or Android tablet.
  • Rankings and match entry
    accessible from mobile devices.

Overview & Benefits

What is it?

With the iTennisLadder™ you can manage and run multiple tennis challenge ladders online simultaneously. Players are ranked as they challenge each other and play matches.

Are you running a ladder?

If not, it's time to get started. Start small, try a small ladder first. Once your ladder program is in place, you will provide a great service to your club and members.

Why to choose us

The iTennisLadder saves you hours of administration. The software requires minimal input. No information is typed twice in the system. Once a ladder is setup, it is self running.

The system is easy to use allowing your players to manage their own challenges and matches...

The iTennisLadder built in rules encourage match play. The system reward players who play early and play often.

Multiple ladder types are supported: proprietary point systems, win-replace (also called leap-frog), win-loss point system...

Each ladder can be customized using simple ladder rules.

Player rankings are available immediately after match entries. You can even go back in time and view rankings as of a given date.

The iTennisLadder is built to scale. The system handles thousands of matches daily.


Singles & Doubles

Whether playing singles or doubles players always are rewarded individually. This makes the iTennisLadder™ ideal for players who often switch partners.

Customizable Ladder Rules

Multiple ladder rules are supported: proprietary point systems, win-replace (also called leap-frog), win-loss point system, box ladders...

Online & Mobile Accessible

The iTennisLadder makes your ladder available online and easily accessible from a tablet or mobile phone. Access and manage your ladders from anywhere.

eMail Capabilities

The system makes it very easy to send emails with attached schedules or links. The built in email capabilities allow you to send rankings to players or third parties.


Access to the system is private. Each player's information is protected and encrypted on our secure servers.

Self Running

Your ladder players register themselves, enter their own match scores and can view, instantly, the effect of their matches on the rankings ...


Player rankings are always available based on the latest match results. The system can even show rankings as of any date in the past.

Much More ...

Ability to import players
Zero Ads
and much more...


Discover what you can accomplish using the new iTennisLadder 2021 next...

iTennisLadder Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Price as low as $9.99 per month

  •     Unlimited Ladders
  •     Online Registration
  •     Realtime Rankings
  •     Advanced Ladder Rules
  •     Customizable Points System
  •     Doubles with Multiple Partners
  •     Customizable Challenges
  •     Accept / Decline Challenges from EMail
  •     Support for Multiple Organizers
  •     Support for Multiple Locations
  •     Ladder Fees & Payment Management
  •     Customizable eMail Templates
  •     Player Approvals
  •     Public Player Ranking
  •     Seamless Web Site Integration
  •     Support for Ladder Forums

Pricing Table

1 to 50 Players $9.99   per month total price
51 to 100 Players $14.99 per month total price
101 to 1000+ Players $19.99 per month total price